A Little Bit About Me

Hi I am Tiffany, an energetic, ever roving, enterprising spirit. I love flavorful food, meeting people and just about anything new and exciting.

I conquered the business world (earning my BS in Business Admin) and took the traveled path of 'getting a good job" as a former operations and sales manager. However, my current pursuits are in the area of nutrition and wellness. (I earned my online certificate in Nutrition and Health with a focus on macronutrients- Fall 2015 and completed  a Nutrition and Health with a focus on micronutrients online class Fall 2016).

I am an African Health and Heritage Ambassador, in this role, I teach and provide interactive African inspired plant based cooking demos to members of my community. There is a very distinct focus on chronic illnesses. Illness like obesity, high blood pressure, stroke, and diabetes. From these roots I have been inspired to have my own platform focusing more intensely on these chronic illness with African diaspora food, flavor, and wellness!

I am a community activist supporting and empowering women and others to discover and FEED themselves with flavorful diaspora foods to promote wellness. I am also a contributing writer with Authentically You Magazine, SC Food Cottage Operator, and I instruct cooking classes at my local foodie store!

A Little Bit About My Blog

I like to plant seeds of thoughts, give nuggets of information, and allow you, the reader, to share in your own understanding.

I genuinely believe cooking is meant to be fun and creative! So, I will present food challenges #spiceXplorer16, food reviews, food hauls, and whatever may peak my food interest!

Feed Your Inner (FYI) when most people see this they think (For Your Information) and I will definitely give tons of that, however it is a play on words speaking to a deeper part to who we are as individuals and the many facets that have shaped and continue to shape who we are.. I have many interests, food and wellness, being my motivation (-; When we feed the essential deepest parts of who we are we can and will see the power within us and make conscious and wellness life decisions!