Do you remember when?

Reminiscing of the days when I would simply click or turn over to ESPN to watch my favorite fitness gurus workout. I would happily join in to the 90s craze of fitness and aerobics. My favorites and most popular were Donna Richardson (before she was married to Tom Joyner) haha. The scenic beaches of Hawaii with Gilad, not to mention Kiana Tom on the shore of the Bahamas. And not to be forgotten, Body Shaping with Cory Everson and Kendall  the latter two  focused manily on weight training. It was fun!

It was never about weight

Now I wonder, what in the world happened to those days when I would innocently, fondly, and very energetically workout (shoot I remember I even bought a stepper). Is it just not a priority, something I just don’t think about, or do I not find it important? Honestly, I can not tell you why. Maybe, because I have NEVER had a weight problem! That’s right I am in my late 40's and I have a super high metabolism. However, I do not say that to brag, I know health is not associated with any size at any weght! I attribute my weight maintenance mainly to eating habits.

It is necessary

However some type of cardio, is really important to all body shapes and eating lifestyles, if you desire to have overall health. That is sincerely my goal. I have used my Android app to monitor my footsteps  and I realized I rarely meet my daily step goals!

Additionally, regular exercise is known to prevent high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease

I can not tell you the last time I worked out consistently? I do remember the last time I worked out and almost fell out (size has nothing to do with being in shape or being 'fit') not to mention I have absolutely zero endurance!

My goals

Workout/Cardio 4-6 times minimum per month (30 min each) to build endurance

Slim down my waist 3 inches (focusing on my core and abs for total body strength)

Tone up my legs and arms ( this will require weights because I want to be strong)

I think this is a very attainable list of goals...

How to set goals?

1. Resolute daily (small goals are more attainable)

2. Get help ( an accountability partner)

3. Make sure they are realistic and attainable ( time, body type, eating habits etc.)

Let me know if you are starting or how you maintain your exercise regime?

About the Author

Tiffany is a community activist inspiring and empowering others to discover and FEED themselves with flavorful diaspora foods to promote wellness. She is a SC Food Cottage Operator, instructs cooking classes at her local foodie store and she connects with other wellness warriors to support her message of the importance of eating well.

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